• "Goji berry"
  • "Blueberry"
  • "Sea-buckthorn"


The main objectives of the SmartFarmer project are to highlight:

  1. The reasons for why the production and marketing of the superfoods is an alternative beneficial option for the bio-producers.
  2. Their competitive advantages compared to other bio-products.

The SmartFarmer project aims to improve the skills and competences of people in the agricultural sector by introducing a training programme in Cyprus, Greece, Latvia, Spain and Portugal while at the same time encouraging rural development in project countries in particular and Europe in general. The project is based on the transfer of the results of ProudFarmer (http://www.zemniekusaeima.lv/en/38/) project that was completed in 2010 and provided innovative results that were successfully integrated in formal training programmes in partner countries. The objectives of SmartFarmer include the analysis of the Methodological Training Tools in Marketing training programme and materials, their adaptation to the requirements of the target group and project countries; sharing experiences in smart farming practices training and development of new (e-) learning contents; testing and evaluation; dissemination of information about the project and project results and preparation of appropriate mechanisms/processes for their further exploitation.